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All machines are Brand New with a 12 months warranty. Every item on the website is in-stock despatched from our U.K. warehouse. You can easily place an order online or telephone our office between 9am - 4pm Weekdays.

Small shops

You want to scan, yet need to keep the cost down ? The new low cost option from Samsung is ready now. The Epos in a box is ready to scan your products and handle up to 5,000 items in its large memory.

The best system on the market.

We listened to our customers then put together a system that blows away the competition.
The Epos in a box-13 k is a ready to go system that has the scanner, epos machine, software and the option of 4,000 pre-loaded RRP`s for any Off licence, grocer and general corner shop.


Good profit or guesswork ?
The Samstock software can take the strain of ordering, deliveries, pricing and most stock control issues a business would have.
How long does it take you to get a re-order list for a supplier. Samstock can do it in a fraction of the time.
Whats your profit margin 40%, 60% , let Samstock do the correct mark-up for profit, not by guess work.
Stock valuation, do you know what your stock is worth? Based on last months sales, you only need half the stock you have in your store room, so why not free up that cash for real business and reduce that overdraft or let your cash earn interest in the bank.

These are just some of the issues facing a business.
The big multi national companies have invested millions in software to do these tasks, they must know the secret to a bigger profit.
Learn by example and invest in a system to earn you more money. Your tax bill pays for the equipment so why have a false economy on stock control software.

Telephone 0871 666 0439 for questions on how your business can benefit with one of our systems.

Question and answers on Epos

The first advice we can give is: do you really need an EPOS system ?
It can be quite expensive to install and takes a bit of effort for you to get it just right !
Many of our Cash registers will do the job of an EPOS system at a fraction of the cost.
Firstly ask yourself a few simple questions:
1- Can you quickly see how many items are in stock ?
2- Are the staff selling at the correct price or have your items got price labels ?
3- Can you trust your staff when your not there ?
4- Are you buying stock because your supplier tells you to buy it ?

If the answer is YES,then you do not need an EPOS system just a new Cash register. Save some money and go to our Budget section.

If any of the questions got you thinking about how you lose money day after day,then chose one of our EPOS systems.

Most businesses only need a basic epos system that remembers all the prices of the items you sell,remember machines do not get tired or get mixed up.
An ideal machine would be a Sam4s ER 650 with a scanner.
The machine allows you to input prices and items via its in-built keyboard.It also has a big 8 line display to see whats being entered.You can also expand this machine to hook up to a PC and work with our software and even link all your shops together via the telephone network.