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Choosing the correct machine for your business

Choosing the correct machine for your business

The list below contains a quick guide to cash register models that would suit your business. It has been compiled by past experience of customer requests and engineers opinion. Of course this is only a guide to save time and put you on the right track. We have chosen the most appropiate current models.


Any machine in the heavy duty section will do. We recommend heavy duty as you have many small sales that would normally wear out a budget model.

Bridal Shop

Ideally you have a beautiful shop to show your dresses. We recommend this Contemporary Design as one of our less imposing machines.


Any machine in this Heavy duty section will be good. Remember to buy an additional wetcover to stop meat getting into the keyboard

Clothing Shop ( Scanning )

Charity shops

Easy to use and new help button - Having lots of volunteers means continously training new staff, this model has an easy HELP button.

Hairdresser / Barber shop / Up to 5 workers

Hairdresser / Barber shop / Up to 10 Workers

Hardware Shop ( Scanning )

Health Spa - Up to 10 Workers

Newsagent - Cheaper ( Scanning )

Off Licence - Cheaper ( Scanning )

Pet Shop

As your business is usually small items and high volume, I would recommend anything in the Pet Shop cash registers.


You would normally need a machine to handle tax rates and the need to give a customer receipt. Any Pharmacy cash register in this section would suit you business.

Pop up shop without mains 240v power

Public Houses

All machines in this section have the abiltiy to be able to have a button for all the drinks in the bar. Pub tills


Ideally you need anything in our Restaurant cash registers section. This machine will also connect to a kitchen printer. Please watch our video demonstration on this model.

Wine bar & Night Clubs

Any model in our Wine bar and night club cash register section. For multi- user, please look at the Sam4s ER 920

Wine Shop

Ideally a Epos Barcode scanning package or a simple heavy duty cash register would be recommended.

If you business is not in this list, please feel free to phone for free advice

Please telephone 0800 161 5676 anytime between 9am and 5pm for general advice and we will try our best to help you.

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