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Epos for Hospitality

Epos System for Hospitality Business

Full programming and set up for free in 2021

Price: 925.00 (1,110.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Download the VR-Series brochure

Epos Till for Hospitality

Epos Till for Hospitality

This system is "Ready to Go" from the time you open the box. We setup and program all your products into the Epos so you can concentrate on your business.

Free programming of your products!

Plug in the cash drawer, put the paper roll in and your ready to trade.

The all in one price includes:
Casio VR-200 Terminal with
Casio Software
Android operating system
Network connection
In built Customer Display
Thermal Printer
Heavy duty Cash drawer
Programming of your products
30 days Telephone support

Individual with multi-touchscreen

The 10.4 inch colour LCD screen with touchscreen function makes the device particularly quick and easy to use in restaurants. You can use various large buttons to adjust the V-R200 to your individual requirements. An intelligent and individual solution also allows you to assign images to individual buttons, making it easier to identify certain functions.

Preinstalled apps

The V-R200 comes with preinstalled apps: Sales information management The V-R200 provides extensive analysis functions that can be categorised by product, department or group. Evaluations can also be made by time period. Customer management The V-R200 links the customer database to turnover data, making it easy to analyse purchasing behaviour, frequency and turnover for each individual customer, thereby enabling you to identify preferred customers, for example. The business support terminal can also send newsletters to customers by email (with their prior consent). Reservation management The V-R200 can make different kinds of customer reservations, including reservations for meals etc. You can use the V-R200 customer management and sales data management tools to manage names of customers and their reservation details.

Flexible usage

The V-R200 is extremely compact and is quick and easy to adjust to your individual requirements and the demands of day-to-day business. Its small dimensions (39.5 cm wide, 23.7 cm deep and 22.9 cm high) mean the V-R200 can be installed quickly and easily while saving space. The system also features an 8 coin, 4 note cash drawer so that it can be used like a cash register.

Clear display

The rear customer display can be extended and rotated, and is ideal for displaying information to customers. The clear, easy-to-read operator display has a capacity of up to 20 characters for text.

Sales receipts with high-speed thermal printer

The integrated high-speed thermal printer with 80 mm receipt roll meets the demands of even the busiest businesses while offering impressive print speed and outstanding quality. The "drop-in" paper loading system makes changing the paper roll quick and easy, and the automatic receipt cutting function is effective and saves time. You can also use the V-R200 thermal printer to create watermarks and graphic logos.

Price: 925.00 (1,110.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Download the VR-Series brochure

Features include:

Features include:

Staff log in by sercret code or iTouch key fob (sold seperately)
Log customers onto tables and let them pay seperately
Have extensive wine lists and search by name
Customer reservation facility with date search
Send the booking time to customers by built in email prior to visit
Log customer details and previous visits
Loyalty schemes and Customer RFM
Recency ( How recently did the customer purchase? )
Frequency ( How often do they purchase? )
Monetry ( How much do they spend? )
Send order to kitchen printers (additional cost) on the network
Add notes to order for cooking styles such as "Rare, well done" etc.
Extensive records for Sales and search by date
Stock control every aspect of the business by item
Set Menu choices

Set Menu choices

The software allows for multiple choice items.

This example shows when a customers chooses the SET MENU @ £15, then the operator will be prompted with :

Starter - either Green Salad or Corn soup

Main course - either Sirloin steak or Pork Steak or Salmon steak
This then has additional choices for cooking styles for meat, choices for the Garnish and
choices for the Sauce.

The last choice for the customer is the sweet desserts, this is simply Apple Pie, Sherbet or Cream Puff.

You can addtional choices at any stage for the cashier add/omit items and even send a note to the kitchen if you have a kitchen printer.

None of the choices are restricted at any time so a customer can order starters, wait a while, then main course and then wait further. Each choice is not time dependent.

Go back and forth to the table screens, print anytime, split bills, choose many different payment types.

Its not too big for your counter

Its not too big for your counter

You can put the terminal on the top and have the cash drawer underneath.

This leaves a cleaner more pleasant looking space.

Its compact and powerful

Its compact and powerful

Only :

229mm High

385mm Wide

237mm Deep

Nice bright screen and fast operation

Nice bright screen and fast operation

Go from log in screen to registration with one touch.

Add items and press payment.

Choose the payment method and finish.

Print tickets for the kitchen

Print tickets for the kitchen

When the kitchen is busy, instructions printed in an easy to read format will help the chef do cook the order when its needed.

This will prevent food waste and give the customer a better experience.

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