CASIO TE-M80 - Discontinued

CASIO TE-M80 - Discontinued

An amazing machine at an incredible price.The tm80 has a full size cash draw with 8 coins and 4 notes.An additional top drawer can be used for cheque books and other items.

Ideally suited for any small to medium size business that requires a reciept on demand or reciept to every customer.

You can setup name,address,vat number and telephone to advertise with every sale you make or a proof of purchase to validate your sales.


58mm wide one station thermal printer
Silent and fast printing at max 7 lines per second
Quick and easy drop-in paper loading
"Open" Key for simple paper roll replacement
Double height print mode for easy to read receipt
Compressed print mode for journal mode paper saving

When printer is defined as journal, pressing the PAPER SAVING key will print items by compressed characters
When printer is defined as receipt, you can select the receipt ON or OFF mode
POST RECEIPT key is used to issue receipt after finalization for paper saving mode
By pressing HELP key on the TE-M80, the main menu of the help function will be displayed. You can selectively print the required functions by pressing the appropriate function numbers and press HELP again to print out the detail.
Easy character setting method by using 10-key pad with 14 segment alpha display for the confirmation of key entry
Lockable upper tray for small articles
Lockable lower tray with slit for coins, notes and checks Instant switchover to daylight-saving time

By pushing a few keys, your standard time can be switched over to the daylight-saving time, and vice versa.

Calculator function

The calculator mode allows the 120CRB to become a calculator. Simply turn the mode key to "CAL" and you can use it as calculator. Calculation results will not affect any totalizers.

Three ways to tender payment

Cash, charge and check payment media can be used, providing shoppers with the flexibility to meet their individual life styles.

Simple TAX calculation

Add-in and Add-on tax system makes the whole tax operation simple and fast. Taxable status can be easily assigned to each department.