The ER-290 is designed for ease of use and rapid operation and supports 200 PLUs. A 90 day memory protects all programming and totals against power failure. Up to 12 departments allow detailed analysis of takings.
• Samsung's durable printer has a switch to select receipt or journal printing, prints at a rate of 3.2 lines per second and accepts 2-ply standard 57.5mm papers.

• Euro Conversion

Automatic Tax Calculation
• SAMSUNG eliminates the need to sort taxable items. Taxes are computed for 4 VAT or 2 Add on tax or 1 straight tax and can automatically add or extract for each sale.

200 PLUs
• Use the ER-290's price look-ups (PLUs) to automatically price and track sales for up to 200 fast moving items.

Real Time Clock-Hourly Sales Reporting
• SAMSUNG's real time clock automatically prints the time, records the data and generates sales by hour. Reporting detailed net sales and customer count for each hour of the day.