Casio TK-T200 Preset Cash register

Casio TK-T200 Preset Cash register

Casio TK-T200
Highlighted Features
Hospitality functions to satisfy your customer demand
• Detailed/Non-detailed check tracking
• Max. 50 check management
• Guest receipt
• Clerk interrupt function
• Condiment preparation PLU

Programmable full-flat keyboard 58mm wide one-station thermal printer
• 8 dots/mm high definition thermal printer
• 14.0 Iines/second quick and quiet printing
• Graphic logo function built in original graphic logo
• Double-height character receipt
• Receipt or journal selection
• Journal compressed printing

• Two lines of main display. Upper line: 8-digit, 14-segment alphanumeric display. Lower line: 8-digit, 7-segment numeric display.
• Pop-up rotary customer display.

New type of rugged drawer with multipurpose tray.
• Lockable upper tray for small articles.
• Lockable lower tray with slit for coins, notes and checks.

Other Features
• 1200 PLUs (90 Flat-PLUs) /4-8 departments with 12 characters
• 50 groups
• 20 clerks
• PC connection
• 6-line logo, 5-line commercial/bottom messages
• Currency exchange
• Four tax tables (Add-in/Add-on)
• Calculator function
• Electronic Journal

410 (W) x 474 (D) x 269 (H) mm