Sam4s ER 5100

Best selling model for standalone bar, fast food and restaurant operation. Serial interface allows remote kitchen printing, link to PC and utility software for program and reports.

High performance, versatile preset ECR designed for most hospitality applications
• Versatile keyboard with 3 levels of 107 one touch keys per level, giving a massive 321 pre-sets.
• In addition there are 1,000 preset price or open price plus.
• 4 push button clerks or up to 15 clerks using secret numbers to sign on.
• Clerk interrupt (layaway) with detail post finalisation receipt even after interrupt.
• Table and room management with fully detailed bills from cash register receipt or remote printers.
• Training mode for teaching new staff.
• Simple programming with qwerty style keyboard.
• Optional link to remote thermal & dot printers for preparation orders or bills.
• Currency conversion, (get ready for the euro).
• Eat in, eat out and drive through function.
• Daily and period to date reports.
• Preset amount tender keys.
• Automatic V.A.T. calculations.
• Software for programming and reporting.