Geller EX 300 Cash register

An extremely practical and effective cash control system for retailers and caterers, EX-300 incorporates many advanced features to provide security, control and information. EX-300 is highly flexible and simple to use at the point of sale.

The fast, clam-shell style printer with separate 44mm Receipt and Audit rolls, means no time-wasting paper jams.

999 Price Look Ups enable pre-pricing of popular items for greater speed and stock control.

Up to 6 servers can store sales at the same time. Sales can be progressed and advice given to customers without queue build-up at the till.

There are many 'built in' security features. Choose the ones that suit your business requirements.

Suitable for general retail applications and small cafés and bars.

Features include:

Large, brilliant, double-sided display

Simple 12 department keyboard, expandable to 40

999 Price Look Ups

6 Server Holds, by programmable Auto Hold, if required
Different secret passwords for up to 25 operators

Compulsory Closed Drawer

Drawer Open Alarm with programmable time delay

Cash Lift Alarm warns when cash in drawer reaches pre-programmed limit

Management control of security-sensitive operations

Different secret passwords for X, Z, Programming and Training

Reports available in Register Mode by secret password

Negative Departments

Compulsory Cash Declaration
Training mode for new staff