Geller ET 6600 Cash register

Geller ET-6600

A heavy-duty, multi-purpose ECR which can be customised to users' individual requirements.

Suitable for both retail and hospitality environments, ET-6600 has a dot matrix printer and is available with a choice of flat or raised keyboard and can link to back office PC and stock control software if required.

For Hospitality:

Strongly built and realistically priced, ET-6600 can be a pre-set, stand-alone ECR for bars and fast food or part of a linked system for restaurants and leisure.

The 128 position, spill-resistant, flat keyboard and space-saving design make this unit an ideal choice for hospitality locations.

Features include:

Server interrupt (several users can use the ET-6600 at the same time)
Drawer Alarm with programmable time delay
Easy Price/Name Change
Alphanumeric operator display
Happy Hour with automatic Price/Time Change
Inter Register Communication and Floating Server
Can be used with kitchen/bar printer
RS232 Communications for programming and/or linking to back office PC and software

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For Retailers:

With 15,000 Price Look Ups and scanning, ET-6600 is a self-contained system for stand-alone operation.

ET-6600 can be supplied with SuperScan - a built-in, solid-state stock control scanning programme that operates without the necessity for a PC.

Reports produced by SuperScan include Best Sellers, Worst Sellers and Non Movers. SuperScan also provides product re-order lists by supplier and prints shelf-edge labels.

ET-6600 can be linked to back office PC and single or multi-site stock control software.

Features include:

Choice of flat or raised button keyboard

Up to 15,000 Price Look Ups

16 digit alphanumeric operator display

Choice of flat-bed, vertical or hand-held scanner

Space-saving design with option of remote cash drawer

Drawer Open alarm

Fast and simple to use at the point of sale

500 hours memory protection in the event of power loss

Up to 8 ET-6600s can be linked by Inter Register Communication (IRC)

Up to 50 cashiers by ID number 'sign on'