Geller ML 780 Cash register

Its many powerful features include TCP-IP communications, 4 serial ports, 70,000 price look ups, multi-line operator screen, 2-line alphanumeric customer display, 2-station 58 mm thermal printer, electronic journal and PCMIA flash memory slot for data and program upgrades.
Geller ML-780

Many years' experience plus state-of-the-art design techniques have made ML-780, not only the most powerful product of its kind currently available, but also remarkable value for money. ML-780's 'system in a box' concept means that virtually all hospitality and retailing requirements are met by the standard specification.

ML-780 has enough memory for 70,000 product lines or many thousands of accounts - or a combination of the two. There is no need to buy extra memory, separate displays or bill printers. Even the rear display can be unplugged, attached to a low-cost stand and operate remotely, if required.

4 RS232 ports are supplied as standard and inter-register communication by Ethernet is included.

Suitable for both retailing and hospitality environments, ML-780 can be supplied with flat or raised keyboard and can operate stand-alone, linked to each other (IRC) or to Geller back office and stock control software.

For Hospitality:

The in-built multi-line screen can be tilted and contrast adjusted. The screen displays orders as they are entered, prompting the server where necessary - for example to enter condiments or cooking instructions.

The clever menu system can be used for 'French style' fixed price menus. The menu screens automatically take the operator to the right position according to the progress of the transaction.

A single ML-780 can drive up to 4 remote kitchen/bar printers. Up to 8 kitchen/bar printers can be connected in a system of several ML-780s.

The 2-line alphanumeric customer screen displays the order as it is processed. This screen can be located remotely for optimum viewing. An advertising message can scroll across the display between sales.

Features include:

Multi-line screen with Menu Windows and Operator Prompts

Ability to review and change the order

Heavy-duty 58 mm 2-station thermal printer

Fast, silent printing (65 mm per second)

Server/Operator Interrupt (several customers can be served concurrently)

Floating Server/Floating Operator (sales can be started on one ML-780 and finalised on another

Loyalty Points

Automatic Happy Hour by Time and by Day of the Week

Hold and Fire Feature allows orders to be keyed into the system and sent to the kitchen when required

Remote Kitchen/Bar Printing

Up to 16 ML-780 can be linked to each other by TCP-IP

Simple, built-in inventory control with individual product re-order level (no PC needed). Works across IRC

Low order warning

One-Touch Management Report Buttons

Credit Accounts

Euro and foreign currencies

Management control of security sensitive operations

Scrolling advertising message on customer display between sales

Entry of products such as cigarettes or alcohol can enforce request for customer's date of birth

Graphic Logo

Electronic Journal

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For Retailers:

The ML-780 includes, as standard, ample memory for the largest retail operation. Up to 70,000 product lines (PLUs) can be held in memory.

Works with all industry standard barcode scanners and links to a range of back office and stock control software, in-house or multi-site.

The clear, bright, multi-line screen shows items as they are entered together with relevant information, reducing entry and scanning errors.

Multi-buy and Mix and Match are included so that discounts can be applied when a certain quantity or combination of items are purchased.

Even without linking to PC, stock control together with individual product re-order levels and suggested purchase quantities are standard features. Several ML-780s can be linked using the master terminal to produce consolidated reports.

Shelf-edge labels for new products or price changes are automatically created and issued on request from ML-780's integral printer.

Features include:

Multi-line Operator Screen

2-Line Customer Display

Choice of Flat or Raised Button Keyboard

2-Station 58 mm Thermal Printer

Fast, Silent Printing (65 mm per second)

Scanning with choice of Table-Top, Hand-Held or Presentation Scanner

Barcode Learning

Easy Product Name/Price Change (across the IRC Network)

Built-in Inventory with Re-order Levels (no PC needed) or Full Stock Control via Geller back-office software

Mix and Match/Multi-Buy Promotions with programmable start and end dates

Low Order Warning

PC-like Reports for Stand-Alone Systems include Best/Worst Sellers and Re-Order by Supplier

70,000 Price Look Ups as standard

Scroll Back/Error Correct and/or Voids

High Amount Lock Out

Operator Interrupt (several customers can be served at the same time)

Customer Hold (avoids queue build-up)

Floating Operator (sales can be started on one ML-780 and finalised on another)

One-Touch Management Report Buttons

Credit Accounts

Management Control of Security Sensitive Operations

Scrolling Advertising Message on Customer Display between Sales

Age Verification for cigarette and alcohol sales

Up to 16 ML-780s can be linked to each Other by Ethernet

Graphic Logo

Electronic Journal