Geller MZ 1 Cash register

Geller MZ-1

MZ-1's Intelligent Chassis System (ICS) means there is no need to buy separate displays or bill printers. The clever multi-line screen and high-speed thermal printer are contained within the chassis.

MZ-1 has neatly hidden ports for connecting kitchen/bar printers, PC, card reader, barcode scanner etc.

There are also ports for a PC keyboard to assist programming and an 80-column printer to print invoices or management reports on A4 paper.

Modular construction and the latest flash ROM technology enable new features to be added retrospectively to meet the needs of business growth or changing conditions.

Suitable for both retail and hospitality environments, MZ-1 is available with a choice of flat or raised keyboard and can operate stand-alone, linked to each other (IRC) or to Geller back office and stock control software.

For Hospitality:

The sturdily mounted multi-line screen can be tilted, rotated and contrast adjusted to avoid glare and reflection.

The screen displays orders as they are entered, prompting the server where necessary - for example to enter condiments or cooking instructions.

The MZ-1 can drive up to 4 remote kitchen/bar printers from a single stand-alone unit. Up to 8 kitchen/bar printers can be connected in a network.

The 2-line alphanumeric customer screen displays the order as it is processed and can be viewed from the rear or either side. An advertising message can scroll across the display between sales.

Features include:

Multi Line Screen with Menu Windows and Operator Prompts

Ability to review and change the order

2-line Customer Display

Flat 160-position, spill resistant keyboard

Heavy-duty 80mm thermal printer (13 lines per second)

Server Interrupt

Floating Server

Table Transfer

Guest Accounts

Automatic Happy Hour by time

Hold and Fire feature allows orders to be keyed into the system and sent to the kitchen when required

Remote Kitchen/Bar Printing

Soft Guest Check plus Optional Food/Bar Tickets via integral printer

Dynamic Memory Allocation (the number of price look ups, tables, guests, departments, cashiers and servers are all changeable to meet the need)

Up to 64 MZ-1s can be linked to each other by Ethernet. (Up to 16 MZ-1s if using Floating Servers/Floating Tables). The master MZ-1 can be connected to a PC. For remote sites, the master terminal at each site can be connected by modem to head office.

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For Retailers:

Designed specifically for today's demanding requirements, MZ-1 provides the essential information and control needed by retail management.

MZ-1 can operate as a powerful, stand-alone system - with or without scanning - or as part of a sophisticated PC linked stock control system.

The customer is served rapidly and receives an itemised, fully descriptive receipt.

The 14-line screen displays items entered and other relevant information, reducing entry/scanning errors.

Items may be discounted when a certain quantity is bought - MULTI BUY. These items can be entered or scanned in any order and the discount deducted automatically when the correct quantity is reached. Alternatively mixed item promotional offers can be created - MIX AND MATCH.

Features include:

Multi Line Operator Screen

2 line Customer Display

Choice of Flat or Raised Button Keyboard

Heavy-duty 80mm thermal printer (13 lines per second)

Scanning with a choice of tabletop, presentation or hand-held scanners

Bar code 'Learning'

Easy Product Name/Price Change (across the network)

Simple built-in inventory with Re-Order Levels (no PC needed) or full stock control via Geller back office software

Mix and Match/Multi Buy promotions with programmable start and end dates

Low Order Warning

Reports for stand alone systems include Best/Worst Sellers and Re-Order by Supplier

Up to 50,000 Price Look Ups according to programme set-up and memory options

Scroll Back, Error Correct and/or Void

High Amount Lock Out

Operator Interrupt (several customers can be served at the same time)

Customer Hold to avoid queue build up

Floating Operator (sales can be started on one MZ-1 and finalized on another)

One-Touch Management Report Buttons (up to 8 Reports per button)

Credit Accounts

Management control of security sensitive operations

Scrolling advertising message on customer display between sales

Age verification for cigarette and alcohol sales

Up to 64 MZ-1s can be linked to each other by Ethernet

Graphic Logo

Electronic Journal records all transactions