Geller TS 800

Combining quality with innovation, top of the range TS-800 offers the utmost in features, performance and reliability for virtually any hospitality and retailing establishment.

Attractive from every angle, with no unsightly wires on view, the compact all-in-one design and 90 degree tilting display(s) adapt to whoever uses it and wherever it is placed.

Option of Dual Processor with Dual Screen. Video clips with sound can be displayed on the customer facing screen. Alternatively, the rear screen can be a touch screen for staff access from both sides. Where applicable, the rear screen can be used interactively by customers to make selections.

TS-800 can be supplied with GellerTouch software, customisable to meet the needs of all hospitality and retailing requirements. Up to 24 screen layouts are available, individually tailored to suit all locations. TS-800 can also work with Geller-Vectron software and any industry specific software that sits on a Windows platform.

Download the TS-800 Brochure

TS-800 Hardware Specification

Intel Pentium III Processor
Injected Cast Aluminium Case
Dual 12.1" Active Matrix TFT LCD Screen

90 Degrees Display Tilt Range

124-256 Mb Hard Disk Drive

Integral 10/100 BaseT Ethernet

ELO Accutouch 5 Wire Resistive Touch Overlay

3S/1P/2USB/Drawer/VFD/KB/Mouse/LAN/Audio Ports

Available in Matt Black or Metallic Silver