Geller Vectron Pos Mobile

Vectron Mobile POS

This hand-held POS Mobile terminal has the same capability as full-sized Geller-Vectron models and can be linked whithin the same system. Orders can be taken at the customer's table, using the menu-driven touch screen, and sent directly to kitchen or bar, enabling your key staff to remain front of house taking care of your customers.

Servers can walk among your customers in leisure areas such as lounges, terraces, pub gardens, swimming pools, bowling alleys and take those extra orders that you might otherwise not receive while at the same time providing a higher level of service.

POS Mobile enables fewer staff to achieve more with less effort.

Hardware Specification:

32-bit processor

LCD display with 240 x 320 pixels, adjustable background lighting

Easy to use touch screen, with Touch Pen, in addition to push buttons

DECT communication with up to 300m range from transmitter station

Each transmitter station controls up to 8 POS Mobiles

Power supply via rechargeable and exchangeable battery, up to 6 hours operating time

1 MB S-RAM main memory

1 MB Flash mass storage

Additional Hardware:

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Base stations can link to each other. Each base station controls up to 8 POS Mobiles.

One POS Mobile and two extra batteries can be re-charged simultaneously.

The low-cost DECT module can connect a single POS Mobile to any Geller-Vectron system without the need for a base station