Geller Vectron Pos Vario

Vectron POS Vario

POS Vario provides the best of both worlds - fast 'one touch' buttons on the keyboard for drink items plus pop up menu windows on the touch screen for food choices and cooking instructions.

POS Vario incorporates the latest 64-bit technology which translates into speed of server operation, fast communication between terminals and large memory for storing management information.

There is an optional stainless steel adjustable stand and a purpose built free standing waiter station which can hold any Geller-Vectron model and a bill printer.

POS Vario can be mixed with other Geller-Vectron terminals within the same system - for example POS Vario in the bar, Colour Touch in the restaurant, POS Mobile on the terrace.

All terminals can be customised to suit the needs of individual points of service. Consolidated reports can be collected across the system by a master terminal or back office PC.

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Hardware Specification

10.4" TFT integrated, adjustable colour display. 640 x 480 pixels.

Optional Touch Screen

Optional internal customer display and connection for external customer displays

Flat keyboard with 108 fully configurable keys

Modern 64-bit processor with 131 MHz clock pulse frequency

6 Serial Ports

1 Parallel Port

1 Ethernet 10 Base Network Port

1 Keyboard Port (Auxiliary or 101)

1 Drawer Port (Max 4 Drawers)

2 USB Ports

1 Electronic Touch Lock for clerk

Flash Memory

2 Meg RAM Standard

10 Meg RAM Maximum