Olivetti ECR 300

Olivetti ECR 300

This operator-friendly model provides a complete analysis of department sales, function total and actual drawer totals. The numeric impact printer can be set up to provide customer receipt or a journal tape.

Four Department
The Olivetti ECR 300 features 4 departments. Departments may be programmed 'Single Item' department for fast registration. Small footprint at 330(W) x 360(D)mm. The ECR 300 cash drawer has 5 coin and 3 note compartments, ideal where space is limited.

Financial Reports
The Olivetti ECR 300 gives you a thorough review of your business with a complete analysis of your department sales, function totals and actual drawer totals to help you protect your valuable profits.

Optional Receipt/Journal
Operator can choose either to have a printed customer receipt or a journal tape. Receipt only on demand saves paper.

• Single Station Printer
• Receipt or Journal Print
• 4 Departments
• Calculator Function
• Euro Conversion
• Automatic VAT Calculation
• Receipt After Sales Feature
• Simple To Use
• Clock with Auto Date Change
• Secure Mode Lock
• Easy to Read Reports
• Economical Paper Use
• Easy to Read Display
• Small Footprint