Geller Sales and Management Software

David Sales Manager

Low-cost, yet sophisticated reporting programme that is simple and fun to use. Produces clear, concise management reports in graph and/or table format. David Sales Manager works in-house or multi site with no limit on the number of ECR terminals or sites. Includes all the programming and design features of David Utility.

Can be used with TX-500, TL-550, SX-580, SX-680, ET-6600, ET-6800, MP-2 and MZ-1.

SAM v6

Retrieves all essential sales and management information and presents it in easy to read format. Ideal for users who do not have a stock control requirement now but may wish to upgrade in the future. SAM V6 can be upgraded to full SuperStock if or when the need arises. Sales data can be exported to other packages, such as Excel via Crystal Reports.

Can be used with SX-680, ET-6600, ET-6800, MP-2 and MZ-1 terminals.

SAM Lite

All the features of SAM V 6, but with 6,000 product lines. SAM Lite can be upgraded to SuperStock Lite if the need for stock control arises in the future.

For use with TX-500 and TL-550 terminals.

Vectron Commander

Programmes Geller-Vectrons and collects sales data from all terminals in the system, in-house or at remote sites. Commander's reports can be exported to spreadsheets such as Excel. Used with SuperStock for stock control. Provides seamless link to industry specific software used by hotels, bakeries, bookshops, pharmacies etc…