SAMSUNG ER 5215 Cash register

Samsung ER-5200 Series (NEW)
The range of cash registers is designed with a “drop and print loading” twin station thermal printer. This along with a range of keyboard designs and numerous features such as scanning and check tracking ensure the register is suitable for all environments from hospitality through to general retail.

The system also provides the added bonus of a Windows based back office utility for programming, sales and graphic logo management, ensuring a completely user friendly system is provided.
• 10,000 PLUs
• 5 Keyboard Modifier Levels
• 99 Groups Over 3 Levels of Grouping
• 99 Mix and Match Totals
• Scanning Capabilities
• NLU Free Keyboard Layout
• Price Inquiry & Price Change Analysis
• Minimum Stock Entry
• 99 Clerks By Code, 10 By Button
• Clerk Interrupt With 10 Clerk Functions
• Training Clerk
• Guest and table number management
• Table Number Entry
• Remote and Receipt Billing