Sam4s ER 650

Sam4s ER 650

This model is ideal for: Fast Food, Bars, small Restaurants, Cafés and other similar hospitality environments. Suitable for simple bar code scanning applications like Kiosks, Gifts, Convenience Stores etc. Nothing like this at the price from any other manufacturer.

The Samsung ER-650 provides big system features at low cost. The 8 line LCD allows menu driven programming and reporting, so easy for the dealer and end user. This model needs little support as all you do is follow the on screen instruction.

With table tracking and full detail billing and a host of other big system features it is ideal for most hospitality and retail. In addition the ER-650 is great for general retail scanning applications.

Complete with full memory, two serial ports for link to remote printers, bar code scanner, modem or PC and IRC for up to eight ER-650. The ER-650 also links to Samstock software providing user friendly back office stock control.

The single station thermal printer allows post finalisation receipt, detailed bills for check tracking or real time receipt printing. The large standard RAM provides electronic journal.