SHARP XE-A203 Grey Cash Register - Discontinued please see XEA217

The XE-A203, an ideal cash register for small retail outlets, offers a wide array of features designed to make your business run smoothly. The "drop-in" paper loading system ensures that your customers don't have to wait long when the paper roll runs out, while the clear operator and customer displays help ensure the accuracy of each transaction. In addition, numerous convenient pricing features and an electronic journal are just some of the ways these cash registers can streamline your day-to-day operations.

Thermal printer with drop-in paper loading.
Featuring thermal printing technology, the XE-A203 quietly prints out sales receipts at a speedy rate of about 12 lines a second. Plus, the Drop-in Paper Loading mechanism allows you to exchange paper rolls quickly and easily.

Clear display for user-friendly operation.
The XE-A203 features a highly visible 1-line alpha operator display that makes it easy to confirm the price being charged.

Quick and accurate price entry.
Equipped with a maximum of 1,200 PLUs (price look-ups), the XE-A203 makes entering pricing information a snap. The XE-A203 also has a total of 99 departments each, allowing you to easily track and analyse transactions by product type.

Electronic journal.
The XE-A203 features an Electronic Journal function that can store transaction data electronically, thus helping to conserve paper and reduce costs. You can also print out the data if needed.

High-capacity metal cash drawer.
The XE-A203's space-efficient cash drawer takes up minimal counter space yet generously provides five bill and eight coin compartments. When not in use, the ruggedly built drawer can be locked shut, keeping your money safe.
Other key features

Logo printing (24 alphanumerical characters x 6 lines)
25 cashiers standard
Tax (VAT) shift function ( 4 rates)
Training function
Optional Accessories, Supplies & Utilities

USB Driver software and Programming utility software (dealers)
Replacement paper roll : ER49
Lockable lid for drawer insert : ER03CV
Cash drawer insert : ER58CC

Display Operator Monochrome alpha-numeric LCD display 1 line x 16 characters
Customer Large 7-digit, 7-segment LED, pop-up type
Printer Type 1-station, drop-in terminal
Digits 24 digits
Paper width Approx. 57.5 mm
Speed Approx. 12.0 lines/sec
Drawer Bill 5 compartments
Coin 8 compartments
Keyboard Type Normal
No. of keys Standard 52 keys
Communications USB port
Department Standard 99
PLU Standard 210, max. 1,200
Electronic Journal 8,000 (1,200 PLUs)
Dimensions 355 x 430 x 312 mm
Weight 11.0 kg

PC software

Known software issues:
With the Sharp application program running under Microsoft Windows Vista, you will need to make sure the application is set (using the icon properties) to 'run as Administrator'