SHARP XE-A303 Cash Register - discontinued.

Featuring thermal printing technology, the XE-A303 silently prints out sales receipts at a speedy rate of about 13.3 lines a second. Printing of graphics, such as a business logo, is also possible. Transactions are recorded onto two separate rolls, receipt and journal for easy sales management.

A brightly lit 2-line LCD operator display makes it easy to operate the machine, even in low light environments. It can display up to 16 alphanumeric characters, allowing clerks to view the names of the purchased items and other information in an easy to understand fashion.

Standard equipped with 1800 PLU's (Price Look Ups) the XE-A303 makes entering pricing information a snap. By simply entering the code of the items being purchased, you can total up sales with increased accuracy and speed. A total of 99 department keys are also available, allowing you to easily track and analyse transactions by product type. These key entry functions make it easy to manage a large number of products, allowing your business to maintain a product lineup that meets customer demand.
dimensions: 421w x 429d x 305h mm