TEC FS-2600 Food Service Terminal

You'll manage your business far more cost effectively and efficiently, too, because the FS-2600 helps you:

Communicate Critical Store Data to Remote Office
Pinpoint Food Costs
Analyze Hourly Labor
Speed order entry and reduce errors with a simple-to-read LCD screen

Operating at the speed of success

The FS-2600 arms you and your staff with powerful success-creating capabilities. Not only is the FS-2600 a flexible system - adapting with equal ease to fast food and table service settings. Its a snap to use!

That's because the FS-2600's standard inter-register communications and three RS-232C serial ports (plus two optional RS-232C serial ports) let you configure your system in the most cost effective way to suit your business.

Then, as your business grows, you can reconfigure to handle changes in logistics and sales volume.