Tec fs 1650 Cash Register

Incorporating the latest technology in high speed printing and communications, the MA-1650/1655 is the most flexible Electronic Cash Register of its kind. It can be used as part of a system with its optional interface boards, linking it to a range of scanners, scales and even a PC. When used in such a configuration, it is capable of storing and scanning up to 65,000 items. Designed with flexiblity in mind, it even has a detachable cash drawer!
TEC's printer provides a high speed, good quality and heavy duty print facility.

Model : MA-1650 Dot Matrix Printer

- 45 mm paper width
- 24 Character alphanumeric print (Receipt/Journal)
- 4.0 Lines per Second print speed
- Automatic Receipt Cut
- Electro-stamp available
- Cassette type ink ribbon
- Up to four lines of programmable store message
- Up to three lines of programmable commercial message
- Single line validation

Model : MA-1655 Themal Printer

- 45 mm paper width
- 24 Character alphanumeric print (Receipt/Journal)
- 15.0 Lines per Second print speed
- Automatic Receipt Cut
- Programmable Logo or store message
- Up to three lines of programmable commercial message.

Front Display:
The product name and condition of the register can be confirmed at a glance by the clear dot-matrix display.

- 16 character dot-matrix + 10 digit 7 sement display
- Scrolling message of up to 64 characters long can be

Easy to Read Front
Pop-up Customer
Display: Standard: 7 Digit, 7 segment amount display
Option: 16 Character dot matrix + 10 digit 7-segment
amount display.

PC Interface: The MA-1450 can be configured to communicate with a PC though an RS-232C port. This allows the sending of programming data from the PC to the register adn also the retrieval of sales totals for back office reporting.
User Friendly
Keyboard: Two types of keyboards are available to suit the differing needs of the retailer:

- 90 Key Raised Keyboard
- 145 Key Full Flat Keyboard
Wide Variety of
Departments: - Link to 30 Groups and 10 Major Departments
- Up to 16 Character Department Names
- Single Department Status
- Other Income Department Status
- Negative Department Status
- Selective Itemizer Status
- Gross Profit Rate
Wide Variety of
Programmable PLUs:
- Up to 16 Character Department Names
- Single, other income and negative PLU (by Department)
- Selective Itemizer Status
- Stock Control
- PLU to PLU link
- Link to PLU Reporting Groups
Charge Posting:
- PB +/- TRF Available
- Remote Slip Printer can be connected as an option
- Customer file (Max. 3000) available as option
- Up to 12 Digit Customer Code
- Up to 16 Character Customer Name
- Automatic previous balance pick up
- Remote slip compulsory programmable
Mult-Drawer Control:
- Up to 4 cash drawers
- Drawer assignment for each cashier
- Assignment of each currency
Other Features:
- Transaction void key with 30 items buffer
- Special Rounding
- 5 foreign currency keys for tender and no sale
- Triple multiplcation for item entry
- 10 auto function keys
- 2 % Discount keys
- 2 Selective itemizers
- Multi Salesperson transactions

Options: - Register to Register Interface Board
- PC Interface Board (Supplied as standard in MA-1655)
- Scale Interface Board
- Extend RAM board with scanner interface
- 0.5 Mb RAM Board
- 1.0 Mb RAM Board
- 2.0 Mb RAM Board
- Flat type cashier key with LED's
- 2 Line Customer Display
Flexible Cashier Entry: Four Cashier Number entry types are available. New employees can be taught the operation using the Training feature, which when in use, will not affect the sales figures

Dimensions (mm): 460 (W) x 455 (D) x 323 (H)
Weight: MA-1650: 15.5 Kg
MA-1655: 14.0 Kg
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C