Tec ma 1650 Cash Register

TEC's printer provides a high speed, good quality and heavy duty print facility.

Model : MA-1650 Dot Matrix Printer

- 45 mm paper width
- 24 Character alphanumeric print (Receipt/Journal)
- 4.0 Lines per Second print speed
- Automatic Receipt Cut
- Electro-stamp available
- Cassette type ink ribbon
- Up to four lines of programmable store message
- Up to three lines of programmable commercial message
- Single line validation
Front Display:
The product name and condition of the register can be confirmed at a glance by the clear dot-matrix display.

- 16 character dot-matrix + 10 digit 7 sement display
- Scrolling message of up to 64 characters long can be

Easy to Read Front
Pop-up Customer
Display: Standard: 7 Digit, 7 segment amount display
Option: 16 Character dot matrix + 10 digit 7-segment
amount display.

PC Interface: The MA-1450 can be configured to communicate with a PC though an RS-232C port. This allows the sending of programming data from the PC to the register adn also the retrieval of sales totals for back office reporting.
User Friendly
Keyboard: Two types of keyboards are available to suit the differing needs of the retailer:

- 90 Key Raised Keyboard
- 145 Key Full Flat Keyboard
Wide Variety of
Departments: - Link to 30 Groups and 10 Major Departments
- Up to 16 Character Department Names
- Single Department Status
- Other Income Department Status
- Negative Department Status
- Selective Itemizer Status
- Gross Profit Rate
Wide Variety of
Programmable PLUs:
- Up to 16 Character Department Names
- Single, other income and negative PLU (by Department)
- Selective Itemizer Status
- Stock Control
- PLU to PLU link
- Link to PLU Reporting Groups
Charge Posting:
- PB +/- TRF Available
- Remote Slip Printer can be connected as an option
- Customer file (Max. 3000) available as option
- Up to 12 Digit Customer Code
- Up to 16 Character Customer Name
- Automatic previous balance pick up
- Remote slip compulsory programmable
Mult-Drawer Control:
- Up to 4 cash drawers
- Drawer assignment for each cashier
- Assignment of each currency
Other Features:
- Transaction void key with 30 items buffer
- Special Rounding
- 5 foreign currency keys for tender and no sale
- Triple multiplcation for item entry
- 10 auto function keys
- 2 % Discount keys
- 2 Selective itemizers
- Multi Salesperson transactions

Options: - Register to Register Interface Board
- PC Interface Board (Supplied as standard in MA-1655)
- Scale Interface Board
- Extend RAM board with scanner interface
- 0.5 Mb RAM Board
- 1.0 Mb RAM Board
- 2.0 Mb RAM Board
- Flat type cashier key with LED's
- 2 Line Customer Display
Flexible Cashier Entry: Four Cashier Number entry types are available. New employees can be taught the operation using the Training feature, which when in use, will not affect the sales figures.

Number Cashier Interrupt
Code Sign On/Off 15/99 No
Barrel Lock (Option) 4 No
Flat Type with LED 10 No
Push SFKC Key * 8 Yes

- 12 Character Cashier Names, - Flexible cashier number
entry, Interrupt Function (up to 10), Training mode,
Commission, Media declaration (Each cashier or system),
Drawer assignment for each cashier (up to 4), Full
accountability and cashier report, - Floating Cashiers

* Assign each cashier on a seperate key (SKFC Cashier).
Main Memory: PLUs: 1000
Customer File: 500
Departments: 60
Departments Major Gropus: 10
Departments Groups: 30
PLU Groups: 99
Cashiers: 10
Salesperson: 30
Hourly Sales: 24
Media Types: 10
GST Ready: Yes