Tec ma 516 Cash Register

45 mm width receipt journal
Paper Lock Cover
Logo Stamp as standard
Validation feature as standard
3.0 Lines/Second Print Speed

Colour Display: The MA-516 provides a colour LED Display. The operator display has 10 digits and 7 segments with the amount in green and the department or PLU in orange.

The are a number of coloured status LED's, called Tri-Marks, that show the status for 'Sign-off', 'Alarm', 'Receipt Off', 'Total', 'Sub-Total' and 'Change'. This allows the register status to be confirmed at a glance.

Pop Up and Swivel Customer Display as standard
It is possible to program Cashier Code or PLU Price Shift Level to be displayed instead of DPT/PLU Code

Keyboard Options:
The maximum 66 keys allow the user the greatest possible choice of individual keyboard layout. The SFKC (Selective Function Key Code) function provides the user with the easiest method of designing an original keyboard layout.

The standard keyboard layout has 55 keys, including 15 departments.
Cash Drawer:
Unlike many ECR's, the MA-516 has specific security functions relating to the cash drawer. The key, rather than a button or lever is used to open the cash drawer. A media slot is available in order that cheques, vouchers, etc. may be inserted into the cash drawer without the requirement of the drawer being open.

The Free Style Compartments and Removeable Money Case can be suited to the individual needs of every customer.

- Drawer local and media slot as standard.
- Second drawer interface as standard.
Additional Features:
- Receipt Post Issue
- Cash Payment Keys e.g. 5.00, 10.00 etc.

Flexible Cashier Entry: Four Cashier Number entry types are available. New employees can be taught the operation using the Training feature, which when in use, will not affect the sales figures