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After Purchase

After Purchase

When you have recieved your machine remember to keep all the packaging. In the event of a problem it can then be returned quickly and safely.

Cash registers and Epos systems are electrical devices that generate a slight heat. Care must be taken to ensure that overheating wll not take place.

Machines are to be kept at room temperature at all times. If its too hot or cold for humans then its too hot or cold for machines.

Machines will not work if its too damp, wet or humid. As with all electrical devices.

Machines need to be kept free from grease, salt and any other harmful substance.

Paper rolls must be changed when the paper runs out, otherwise printers will run too fast with no load to push.

Ink cartridges should be replaced often and when the ink is fading. This can cause the printer to work too hard, thus creating friction and overheating, which reduces the life of the machine.

To clean your machine:

1-Use a non abrasive cloth.
2-Use a light polish or cleaner. Spirits will damage the casing.
3-Spray onto the cloth, not the machine.
4-Use a little cleaner at a time.
5-Brush out crumbs and small bits from the keyboard, a clean paintbrush is ideal.


1-You can lubricate moving parts, but damage will occour if you lubricate the wrong parts.
2-We recommend only lubrication of the drawer unit.
3-A light oil/light grease is recommended on the wheels of the drawer unit only.

We will not take responsibilty for machines that have been serviced by unqualified personnel.

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