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Glossary of cash register terms

Using and displaying in letters and numbers (A,B,C,1,2,3).

Add button:
Button used for addition of sales.

Given name for industry standard network of computers, usually 10 Mbits second for point of sale devices.

The total number of persons that can log onto a cash register using an access code.

Register will record transactions in categories and totalize by category on department record.

Abbreviation for Electronic Cash Register.

Interrupt Clerk:
Name for sequence that allows a cash register to operate more than one cashier at a time. Ideal for public houses, wine bars etc.

Inter-Register Communications. The data that can be sent from register to register or register to PC.

Kitchen/Remote Printer:
A seperate receipt printer that can be placed in another location, eliminating the need to manually transfer orders from location to location.

Media Slot:
A thin slot located on the face of a cash drawer. Useful for inserting cheques or cash into the drawer without opening the cash drawer.

Using and displaying in numbers (1,2,3).

Price Look Up (PLU):
PLU function memorizes prices for items allowing for quicker item entry.

Given name for a machine that has a dedicated keyboard of prices for quick entry.

Scanner - CCD:
A scanner using a light beam to read a barcode, works within 1 to 2 inches of barcode.

Scanner - Laser:
A scanner using a single beam laser to read a barcode, works within 6-12 inches.

Scanner - Omni-Directional:
A scanner using multiple lasers at varying angles to read a barcode, works within 6-12 inches.

Sentinal Alarm:
Cash in Drawer Alarm. If you program a cash in drawer limit of £200, when cash in drawer reaches £200, an alarm will sound signaling you to do a cash pick-up.

Serial Port:
A 9 pin socket that connect to a personal computer or printer or other device.

Slip Printer:
A remote (non-internal) receipt printer.

Thermal Printer:
A printer using heat to burn the information on the receipt. Thermal printers are extremely fast, quiet and do not require replacement ink cartridges.

Departments - programmable keys to allow distinction between products or departments eg: groceries, sweets and tobacco in a newsagent

Electronic cash register (ECR) - this is the conventional till and while it can be programmed to keep track of and recognise departments in a shop, it isn't a computer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - credit card function, the software links with the bank to make payment

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) - EPOS tills are computers. They can be networked or standalone and they operate by recognising codes on the merchandise, which are sometimes barcodes

Kitchen printing - allows orders to go straight from the till to the kitchen

Point of Sale (POS) - simply the place where the sale is made

Scanner - reads barcodes for automatic price entry on EPOS machines.

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