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Sam4s ER-230 BEJ - 230 EJ Help Videos

Software for Sam4s ER 230 BEJ - ER 230EJ

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You can connect the PC software to the cas hregister via a serial lead or SD card.

To connect with an Sd card, please do following:
In order to edit your program via SD card on eSpresso, you will first need to back up the program on the till. I will put below how to do this:

- Turn the key to S Position

- Press 7 and then Cash

- Press Cash on SD

- Press Cash on Program Backup

This should now back up the program onto the SD card. Once it has done this, remove the SD card from the till and put it into the PC. You will then need to open the eSpresso utility. When eSpresso opens, click ‘Set Register’. On this screen, enter a store name and then at the top left click the ‘+’ icon. This will create a new store, which you can now double click. On the next screen enter a register name, ensure that the right model is selected, the number of keys is correct and the number of stations is correct also. Once you have done this, click the ‘+’ icon at the top left. This should add a new register to the list. Click this and then click the tick icon. On the next screen, click ‘CONVERT PGM’ which will take you to another screen.

On this screen, select the folder icon at the top of the screen and then navigate to where the program is saved on the SD card. This will generally be: Drive name -> ER230 -> STORE001 (or the name of the store if it has been set on the till) -> PGMBACK. Click the PGMBACK folder and then click ‘OK’. After this, click the tick box that is to the left, this should tick all the other tick boxes below it. Once you have done this, click the icon which is a page with an arrow pointing to the left. This is the import button. It should now import the program from the till into utility. It should say’ SUCCESS’ if this has been done correctly.

You are now free to edit your program. Once you have done this, return to the ‘CONVERT PGM’ and do the exact same as we did before, except this time, click the icon with the arrow pointing to the right, which is the export icon. Once it has completed exporting, take the SD card out of the PC and put it back into the till. I will put below how to restore the program:

- Turn the key to the S Position

- Press 7 and then Cash

- Press Cash on SD

- Press 2 and then Cash (Program Restore)

This should now have restored the program back into the till with all the changes you have made in the utility.

How to program the receipt message

A preamble message of up to six lines can be printed at the top of each receipt; a postamble message of
up to six lines can be printed at the bottom of each receipt.

1. Turn the control lock to the P position.

2. To begin the program, enter 7 0 0, press the SBTL key.

3. Refer to the chart below and enter the number that represents the line you wish to program; press the X/TIME key.

1 - 1st line of Preamble
2 - 2nd line of Preamble
3 - 3rd line of Preamble
4 - 4th line of Preamble
5 - 5th line of Preamble
6 - 6th line of Preamble
7 - 1st line of Postamble
8 - 2nd line of Postamble
9 - 3rd line of Postamble
10 - 4th line of Postamble
11 - 5th line of Postamble
12 - 6th line of Postamble

then type in the letters ( maximum of 32 per line) using the keyboard

5. then press SBTL

6. Press the CASH key to finalise the program.

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