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Preset Hotkey Models

Sam4s NR-510F Cash Register Till - Hospitality and Retail Cash Register - Barcode Friendly

Sam4s NR-510F Cash Register Till - Hospitality and Retail Cash Register - Barcode Friendly

The new Sam4s NR 510F / 510 replaces the ER 390 cash register.

Please download the Sam4s NR-510F colour brochure

In black the new model features:

60 preset flat keyboard
Clerk Interupt, table management and remote order printing
Dimensions in mms Height 366 - Width 400 - Depth 460
Up to 6,000 price look ups
Up to 99 groups
Up to 99 clerks/ Cashiers
Mix and match offer ( buy one get one free)
Quick help display function
Graphic bitmap logo on receipt
Condensed journal print for paper saving
10 media keys, Cash, Cheque and up to 8 charge keys to seperate Visa, mastercard
Automatic Tax computation up to 4 rates or tables
Add check function
Not found PLU-with PLU creation in REG mode
Compulsory Cash declaration
Training mode
Cancel Sale function
Clerk Name Display
8 coin and 4 note cash drawer
Large User Display
Up/down easy programming menu
Secondary price features available on PLU's to allow you to run 'happy hours' or even increased prices.

This Sam4s system will import barcodes from an Excel spreadsheet using the PC software*.

Total Price: 310.95 (373.14 Including VAT at 20%)

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Casio SR-C550 Cash Register Till - Mid-range Hospitality Register - OUT OF STOCK

Casio SR-C550 Cash Register Till - Mid-range Hospitality Register - OUT OF STOCK

The Casio SR-C550 is the ideal user-friendly cash register for both staff and customers. Built with a large high-definition 10-line LCD blue display making data input easy to check for staff as well as a pop up display for customers. The Casio SR-C550 also comes with a high-speed printer with a 20 line per second output, reducing customer-waiting time during busy periods.

The Casio SR-C550 is also compatible with SD cards, meaning you can back up all your data. Included is a robust steel drawer for storage, the high quality steel outer casing ensures that is a long lasting register.

Connect to smartphones via Bluetooth & Casio ECR+ smartphone app. This model replaces the popular SEC450.
Dimensions in mms are Height 220 - Width 400 - Depth 450
The SR-C550 Cash Register is a great option for Cafe's, Food Vans & any Hospitality Industry with its 72 programmable keys on the keyboard allowing you to preset the item name & price.

The SRC550 is a stylish and modern ECR which has advanced into today's technology offering Bluetooth Connectivity using Casio's FREE Application. This App allows you to program and collect sales for up to 4 machines from one tablet device.
Main Features Include:
• 10-line operator LCD display with easy viewing tilt
•2 X 2 built-in pop up customer display
•72 department keys (Can also be set to PLU's)
•Full Sized cash drawer (4 notes/8 coin)
•SD card slot for program backup/re-load
•Terminals Connect with Barcode Scanners
•Easy to use drop & paper load
•1-station thermal printer
•Up to 3,000 PLU’s

This Point of Sale Machine enables you to connect to your mobile device or tablet via Bluetooth. You can program and collect sales data from up to 4 devices straight from your device which will in turn sync to Casio's data storage centre. This will allow you to view previous transaction data and sales history from anywhere in the world!

The SR-C550 sleek, stylish design will fit nicely in all types of business venues. The 72 standard department keys provide owners a multiple ways to track various product categories and 3,000 PLU’s to individually record sales activity of specific items. The SR-S500 offers other analytical tools that include cashier/operator sales tracking, hourly sales, transaction key and electronic journal reporting.

The SR-C550 comes with a single station fast and reliable thermal printer that can be used for receipts or journal tracking. Receipts can be personalised with the store’s information, greetings and special messages. The 10-line operator LCD display with high definition Blue display makes data input easy to check the customer transaction. The pop-up 2-line customer display provides vital information to the end user as to the prices and items being entered.

Connecting a serial scanner will allow up to 3,000 items to be scanned and reported. Scanning items can be pre-programmed directly into the item file, during registration as a Not Found Item or through a Casio PC programming software. SD Card slot is standard on the machine allowing owners a sense of security of backing up programming information and if need be re-loading programming. The machine also provides the ability of sales reports being saved automatically when the daily close operation is performed to the SD Card in CSV format.

The SR-C550 comes standard with Bluetooth (BLE Ver 4.1) communications for the purpose of linking up to smartphones running Casio’s Connect ECR+ free application. The Connect ECR + app provides retailers the ability to read and reset sales totals from the SR-C550. The main dashboard on the Connect ECR + app gives a quick snap shot of the day’s sales activity and provides the sale results in graphical format. Viewing detailed individual reports (Financial, Transaction, Department, PLU, Cashier, Groups and Hourly) are also available to retailers to analyse the store’s performance. Connect ECR+ also offers the ability to transfer the daily sales activity to the cloud for the purpose of providing historical data to be viewed at anytime and anywhere with smartphone coverage. In addition to the sales activity features being available on the Casio smartphone app, programming the machine through Connect ECR + is also possible through easy to understand screens.

Casio ECR+ APP

Experience the convenience of using a smartphone to update settings, spot trends and verify sales!


The sales performance of the store is graphically displayed by week, month and year to visually highlight sales trends. This is a superbly effective and easy-to-use feature for sales analysis. * The viewable period for past data is a maximum of 25 months. Data before 25 months is not available for viewing.

Cash Register Settings

Time-consuming set up of products and price changes can be performed easily, improving the efficiency of your store operations. Sales campaign information can be printed on receipts making it easy to offer promotions to increase the number of repeat customers.


Diary entries can be reviewed together with the sales graphs, meaning that you can easily see the relevance of the entries to the sales performance. These records are not just limited to text as photographs can also be added to provide attractive visual records for review.

There are lots of help videos on Youtube - from Error modes to stock control type SRC550 in the search bar

Price: 310.95 (373.14 Including VAT at 20%)


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