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New For 2023 - XA137 Cash Register

XA137 - Basic Cash Register

XA137 - Basic Cash Register

New for 2023 is the XA137 - This has been specifically made to fill the void left by the Casio SEG1 and Sharp 107 / 137. It is a straightforward machine to operate and can be used straight out of the box if required. The machine benefits from various setting options to allow the machine to be set up in a preferred way. The machine comes with a compact cash drawer (4 notes 8 coins). You can add till roll below and there are videos to show the functionality of the machine.

The XA137 is packed with 32 departments, 1000 PLUs, 10 clerks and 3 payment methods. The keyboard has been designed exclusively for the UK to suit the most commonly requested functions and layout to enable you to be up and running in no time. The machine can be used straight out of the box (although you might want to check the time and date).

The XA137's main features are:

18 programmable departments keys (name and price and vat) - 6 physical buttons and department shift button (3 Levels) - however a maximum of 32 within the system if required
Up to 1000 PLU's
Electronic Journal - Ability to print out the journal at the end of the day
10 Clerks if required, or just run the machine with 1 manager clerk (default). also the ability to set up a clerk password
Clerk permissions - the ability to turn off functions such as refunds, and no sales
3 forms of payment types (Card, Cheque, and Cash)
4 VAT rates handled
Lockable secure cash drawer - 3-point lock (locked, unlocked, turn to open)
Small design 165mm high x 335mm wide and 368mm deep
Small and compact cash drawer (8 coins and 4 notes)

Simple on-screen menu - Registration, Settings, X, Z
Fixed position customer display
Internal memory back-up
Training mode can be turned on for new starters
Ability to back up data to sd card
Z reports show a start and end time and date
Electronic Journal is viewable on the PC utility

This cash register offers the ideal functionality for small businesses and also has a range of specialized keys and functions

Paid out button
Received on account - (ie for float)
Refund button - can also be used for exchange
Error correct
Receipt on / off and the ability to reprint a receipt.
You can add certain function keys to the keyboard if required, such as 'service charge', 'training mode' and 'PLU search'.
Ability to set up manager password
Management reports
PC programming tool - although only really used when mass programming is required. Connection to your computer via USB cable

The XA137 is packed with features and functions and can be customized to suit every environment, here are a few of the common functions you can program -

Product Lookups - can be named and set a default price
Departments - up to 32 can be named on the machine - even having a default price if you want to use them like this
Clerks / Cashiers - up to 10 can be set up
Header / Footer - the ability to use up to 9 lines header and an additional 9 on the footer
Extensive system options can be amended to suit your needs - such as turning off printer sensors, double-height printing, turning off sound.

Price: 155.00 (186.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Do you require set up and programming
57 x 50 Thermal till rolls

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