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Cash Registers for Restaurants

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Please follow the link to see the latest EPOS systems that we have available. Most of the systems have videos that you can watch and accessories for different models are also there for you.



Machines in this section have been specially selected for your business environment.

All machines feature table and check management facilities.
All machines will connect to kitchen printers for faster serving times
All machines feature hot keys that will have your item name and price on the screen once the button is pressed, this will speed up the serving process and make sure your profits remain safe.

All machines have the fast thermal printers that work up to three times the speed of normal paper printers and won`t jam up under harsh working conditions.

All machines feature large lockable cash drawers with 8 coin and 4 note compartments with the option of buying extra cash tray inserts for fast shift changeovers.

Please look below at the various machines and contact us for a quotation based on your particular requirements.

Sam4s ER 940 Cash register - Twin Station Printer - Hospitality & Retail Model

Sam4s ER 940 Cash register - Twin Station Printer - Hospitality & Retail Model

In Black

This new model features a twin station thermal high speed printer. You can have up to 10,000 price look ups.

110 Product hot keys with 2 prices per item (ideal for Pint & 1/2 or Small/Large)

Features include tamper proof Sd port slot* maximum size of SD card to be used is 2 GB not supplied
Quick search transactions
• Twin 57mm High Speed Drop and load thermal receipt printer
• Electronic Journal without a traditional journal printer can save or print an electronic sales journal. Electronic journal is available on all models, allowing you to quickly search and investigate transaction-level information.
• Full Size 4 notes / 8 Coin Cash Drawer with Media slots
• Up To Approximately 2,000 PLUs That Can Be Accessed Directly Through Individual Keyboard PLU Keys Or Indirectly Through The PLU Look-Up Keys
• Automatic Tax Computation For Up To 4 Rates Or Tables
• 10 Media Keys: Cash, Check And Up To 8 Charge Keys
• Up To 99 Group Totals
• Up To 50 Clerks/Cashiers
• Graphic Bitmap Logo
• Condensed Journal
• Compulsory Cash Declaration
• Hash PLU Status

Price: 439.95 (527.94 Including VAT at 20%)

Sam4s NR-510F Cash Register Till - Hospitality and Retail Cash Register - Barcode Friendly

Sam4s NR-510F Cash Register Till - Hospitality and Retail Cash Register - Barcode Friendly

The new Sam4s NR 510F / 510 replaces the ER 390 cash register.

Please download the Sam4s NR-510F colour brochure

In black the new model features:

60 preset flat keyboard
Clerk Interupt, table management and remote order printing
Dimensions in mms Height 366 - Width 400 - Depth 460
Up to 6,000 price look ups
Up to 99 groups
Up to 99 clerks/ Cashiers
Mix and match offer ( buy one get one free)
Quick help display function
Graphic bitmap logo on receipt
Condensed journal print for paper saving
10 media keys, Cash, Cheque and up to 8 charge keys to seperate Visa, mastercard
Automatic Tax computation up to 4 rates or tables
Add check function
Not found PLU-with PLU creation in REG mode
Compulsory Cash declaration
Training mode
Cancel Sale function
Clerk Name Display
8 coin and 4 note cash drawer
Large User Display
Up/down easy programming menu
Secondary price features available on PLU's to allow you to run 'happy hours' or even increased prices.

This Sam4s system will import barcodes from an Excel spreadsheet using the PC software*.

Total Price: 310.95 (373.14 Including VAT at 20%)

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Olivetti ECR8220 Cash Register - Hospitality and Retail - White

Olivetti ECR8220 Cash Register - Hospitality and Retail - White

The extremely popular Olivetti ECR8220 Cash Register has a flat keyboard with 137 programmable PLU's (Items) on the flat keyboard which can also have a preset price. It is one of our most popular machine for customers in the hospitailty area - such as pubs, cafe, take aways and bars. It is highly feature rich and offers far more functions than any other register in our range.

The Olivetti ECR 8220S is an advanced professional register with a flat keyboard with specialized functions for hotels and restaurants such as table management, price levels and also has a customizable keyboard to allow a maximum of direct access to 137 PLU's from the keyboard itself.

The ECR8220 is packed with hospitality functions with the possibility of monitoring 100 tables up to 50 items per table, the possibility of memorizing 3,000 items, basic stock control by PLU, SD memory for expansion of electronic journal and backup, connection to PC and barcode reader and robust and silent professional alphanumeric thermal printer.

Via the PC tool you can program and amend the keyboard to suit your own requirements, for example, you might not use tables and therefore you can replace these buttons with a function key you do use. But for example, we set up this default keyboard layout

5 direct entry clerk buttons
42 PLU buttons
5 PLU menu buttons - each containing up to 19 PLU - therefore gives you direct entry to 137 PLU's - which is the highest of any cash register
2 Price lists
Standard common function buttons
Standard common hospitality buttons

Main Features
8-line graphic display
Ability to hold a single transaction - used for when multiple cashiers are using the machine at the same time
Alphanumeric flat keyboard for direct selection of 137 items
Up to 3,000 PLUs or sub-departments
99 programmable departments and 10 department groups
4 types of VAT + without taxes
15 employee/clerks
Up to 9 different payment buttons
High performance and speed alphanumeric thermal printer
Possibility of programming up to five different courtesy messages
SD Card for memory backup
PC utility tool for programming and reports (see below)
Other Features

Machine size - 410mm x 430mm x 297mm

Metal drawer - 4 notes 8 coins
Ability to remove the cash drawer from the register - or the drawer under the counter however please note the cable only gives you around 15cm flex so needs to be extremely close.
Electronic journal of 12000 lines
Training Mode
Settings to enforce periodic report printing - ie it can force you to do a daily, weekly and monthly Z report
PC Tool

Connecting the register via a USB cable (included) to a PC/Laptop you can use the extremely powerful PC utility tool - not only for programming but also for report viewing. The tool also includes an in-program help tool and the manual can be found in the downloads section. The tool allows access to all settings of the register and you can quickly and easily add or amend products and send the data back to the register within seconds - so it's even possible to update many products when you are open and using the register.

Within the tool allows keyboard amendments if required (ie changing buttons), loading a logo for the receipts, and many more settings. Lastly, you are also able to pull the reports from the register to your computer and view real-time sales, stock, or periodic data.

Price: 269.95 (323.94 Including VAT at 20%)

Thermal till rolls 57X50mm

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