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Casio SE-C450 Help Videos

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Casio SE-C450 Pc link software - Use with an SD card

Fill in your details and then download the Casio software.

File contains software manual and software.

Please use a standard SD card, format the SD card on the cash register first.

Price: 9.95 (11.94 Including VAT at 20%)

Casio SE-C450 Keyboard designer in Excel

Fast download, just click "add to cart" and fill in your details.

Colour keyboard to easily setup your cash register.

Password is casio1234



Price: 4.95 (5.94 Including VAT at 20%)

Casio Se-C450 installation - watch this after unpacking

Ok, we have training videos for most operations on this Casio se-c450.

Please email us if you require a training video for an issue we haven`t covered.

Casio SE-C450 How to install the back up AA Batteries

To fit the back up memory batteries, please watch this short help video on the Casio se-c450

Casio SE-C450 What the buttons on the keypad do.

Casio SE-C450 setting up product names and prices

You can set up the items easily using this video for the casio se-c450 model.

Casio SE-C450 Setting up customer message on receipt printer setting up product names and prices

Casio SE-C450 how to setup and use multi clerk interrupt - pub setup

In REG position with Key, press NS button - if draws opens, follow procedure below

key to program

arrow down to "system settings"

press cash/tend

press 3

press subtotal

press 2722

press subtotal

press 1400000000

press cash/tend

press subtotal

turn key to REG

press 1

press CLERK

you can use number 1 to 20 for clerks, each time you sign on press the number then the clerk button

Casio SE-C450 & Casio SE-C3500 - menu shift system & how to setup multiple prices per button


The Casio se-c450 was bought from the Cashregistergroup

How the FLAT-PLU system works and how to setup the keyboard for 3 different items per button

Casio SE-C450 - How to get the menu shift system to work

Casio SE-C450 how to do the X and Z reports cashing up end of day

Casio SE-C450 ERROR CODE E001 and how to rectifty it

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