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Casio SE-G1 Help Videos

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Casio SE-G1 - Please watch this video first to help you get setup.

No power on the machine ?

Do this:

Unplug 240 volt mains cable
Remove batteries
place paper roll into printer
Plug into mains wall socket
Read and follow instructions on printer paper e.g. date, time etc.
After printer stops you have enter 0
then date, time

now turn key to REG position

and enter 199 (for £1.99)

press dept1+ button

then press ca/amt tend

How to set the printer for Receipt mode and give receipts to customers

In REG mode press NS ( no sale) - drawer should open, then:

turn key to PGM
press 1 then CH button
turn key to REG
at this point the printer will be set to give receipts.

To change back to journal mode:
turn key to PGM
press 0 then CH button
turn key to REG
at this point the printing is closer and the journal spool take up motor at the back will rotate.

Please watch video below to see this action:

Setting the receipt message up with your shop name

How to enter an amount - doing a simple sale - Adding up

How to enter multiple items of the same price for speed

How to enter a cheque payment using the CHK/NS button

How to enter a credit or debit or Charge card sale

How to enter a payout using the PO button for wages, payments

How to take a payment on account ( RA ) Button for non sales entry

How to use the C button - Cancel an entry

How to do multiple entries with the same price x/date time button

How to do a discount or minus an amount from the sale using -/error correct button

How to use the error correct button or remove an item from a sale correction

How to do a refund

How to take an anytime X report reading

How to do an end of shift or day reading report cash off clear total

How to program the receipt message on the printer paper to show business shop name

How to use the drawer key lock mechanism

How to install the black take up spool paper journal in the printer

CASIO SE-G1 SEG1 How to set the VAT Tax rate and when to use it tutorial video

Setting TAX

key to program

press 3 then subtotal

for tax table 1 press 0125 subtotal

enter rate for tax (e.g. 20) then press CA/amt tend

press 0002 ( if you want to add tax) OR

press 0003 ( if you want to have tax inclusive prices)

press CA/AMT tend button

press subtotal to EXIT


changing the department to calculate TAX

key to program

press 1 then subtotal

press TAX PGM button

press RA button

Press department that need to be taxed.

How to take part payment with credit debit card and cash sale

How to set the Casio SE-G1 to use clerk

Turn key to Program

press 3
press subtotal
press 0622
press subtotal
press 0002
press ca amt/tend
press subtotal
now turn key back to REG mode

to enter clerk:

press 1
press CLK

to exit clerk:
press 0
press CLK

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