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Casio SE-S3000 Help Videos

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Casio se-s3000 - How to switch off the receipt printer to stop printing

Casio se-s3000 - How to process a refund for customers

Casio se-s3000 - How to use the Error correct cancel function button key

Casio se-s3000 - How to take an anytime, mid shift X report financial report cash up

Casio SE-S3000/400 - How to change the JOURNAL paper roll and take up plastic spool

How to set the receipt message to print your name

Casio SE-S300/2000 SE-S400/SE-S3000 SE-C350/3500 Receipt message:-

Do the following once:

key to program,then arrow down to system settings (its the last one) and press cash/amt tend

press 3 subtotal
press 2122 subtotal
press 0000300000
press cash/amt tend
press subtotal


turn key to REG and then back to Program (pgm)

arrow down to "Message setting" and press ca/amt tend

Then enter you details for each line.

You have 12 lines available, 8 at the top and 4 at the bottom.

How to scan barcodes

If connecting the barcode scanner for the first time, please watch the video below first.

How to Scan barcodes:

1. turn key to Program mode

2. press the DOWN arrow key to "system settings" this is bottom choice

3. press 3

4. press subtotal

5. press 0071

6. press subtotal

7. press either 0 for new products or 1 to modify existing products

8. press cash/tend

9. Scan the barcode

Now type into the answer to the question on screen and press cash/tend after each choice.

You can exit at any time by pressing subtotal, then turn the mode key to REG to test.

How to get stock reports from Cash register Pc using Excel

Anytime read ( does not reset data )
put sd card in cash register
Turn key to X
press 26
press cash/tend
press cash/tend again
wait a few seconds for the paper copy and let the machine write to the SD card
Place card into PC and view in Excel.

Resetting data.

End of day stock scanning report, can be done weekly or whenever you require stock units sold:

put sd card in cash register
Turn key to Z
press 50026
press cash/tend

wait a few seconds for the paper copy and let the machine write to the SD card
Place card into PC and view in Excel

The reports now in Excel can be copied into other Excel spreadsheets for stock units previously in stock in the table form and calculations can be done to suit your requirements, please consult Microsoft or other Excel experts on how to do this. Within Excel there is also a help feature explaing how to do this.

Reset Procedure with Sulux Barcode scanner

Casio se-s400 full reset when scanner not working:

Disconnect cash register from 240 volt outlet, then plug scanner into COM 2 on side of cash register.

Connect power lead

Turn key to OFF

hold down FEED Button

turn key to PGM

let go of FEED button

press 12540

press subtotal twice & wait

press down arrow to "system settings"

press ca/tend

press 3 subtotal

press 0298 subtoal

press 2020 ca/tend

press subtotal

press 0071 subtotal

press 0 ca/tend

scan & press options you require

press subtotal to exit.

Sulux 616a Scanner sheet - download

Free download

Multiple items for scanning on Casio se-s400 and se-s3000

As standard you cannot scan multiples e.g. 3 x scan item.

To allow this model to scan mulitples, you have to change the status when you program the products, please see below for the steps:

Key to Program,
press down key to "system settings"
press cash/tend
press 3 subtotal
then screen displays P 03

enter 0071 and Sub Total
Add or modify ,press CA/AMT Tend
Scan barcode
Enter Price and CA/AMT tend
Dept Link
Descriptor and CA/AMT Tend
Enter Status; End in "2"
Stock CA
Sub Total

so its just a case of entering 2 in the status field to get this feature.

Printing the number of items on the receipt

If you want the cash register to print how many items the customer has had, then please follow the steps below:

This procedure taken from page 71 of the manual.

On reg position, press no sale and drawer should open, if ok proceed:

turn key to pgm ( program) position
press arrow down to "system settings"
press 3 them subtotal
press 0522 then subtotal
press 0000001000 then ca amt/tend
press subtotal to exit.

turn key back to REG and test. The printout should tell you the quantity of items purchased.

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