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Sharp Xe-A307 Help Videos

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Sharp XE-A307 Original Product sales brochure from 2011

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Sharp XE-A307 Clerk help

Clerk Programming

Q. The XE-A307 machine has 4 clerks programmed from default. How do I program more clerks?

. Press the Mode key
. Select (6) PGM2 then TL
. Select (2) Setting then TL
. Select (5) Personnel then TL,
. Then enter the new clerk number to be added. Example 5 then press TL. Repeat this for all new clerks
. To return to Reg mode press the Cancel key 4 times.

Clerk Programming

Q. How many clerks can I us on the XE-A207 / XE-A217?

A. A maximum of 25 clerks can be programmed.

Non Reset Clerk Error message

Q. Every time I try and add a new clerk I get the message „Non Reset Clerk – Push CL key.. How can I stop this from happening?

A. This message is appearing because there are sales assigned to the existing Clerks. You will need to perform the following X1/Z1 reading before being allowed to add more clerks.
. Press the Mode Key
. Select (4) X1/Z1 then TL
. Select (3) Resetting then TL
. Select (3) Clerk Menu
. Select (1) All Clerk
. To return to Reg mode press the Cancel key 3 times.

Sharp XE-307 Overlap - Interrupt Clerk

First press TL/NS andf the drawer should open

Press Mode

6- program


2- Setting


8- Optional


1-Basic System


arrow down to over lap clerk

# TM/st

choose Yes

press TL/NS

press ESC cancel

choose save

press TL/NS

Press ESC cancel 4 times until you come to main screen

Sharp XE-A Program Reset - to Fix a freeze or lockup

Program resetting resumes the initial program without clearing memory.

This operation must be performed with batteries loaded.
1) Unplug the AC cord from the wall outlet.
2) Push [receipt paper feed] key and <Actinic:Variable Name = '0'/> key.
3) Plug in the AC cord to the wall outlet during the depression of above
2 keys.
4) MODE menu screen is displayed.

Sharp XE-A207 & XE-A217 & XE-A307 models - How to switch the printer OFF and ON to save paper

In REG mode - "displays REG in window"

now press the "FUNC/MENU" button

now select "RECEIPT SW"

press TL/NS

select OFF

The display will now show an "R"

If you require a paper receipt for the occasional customer, press the RCPT button after the sale.

When you do an X or Z reports the paper will still print automatically.

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